Council Top Priorities

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Council Top Priorities

  • Continue to Pay Down Unfunded Pension Liability and Manage the Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)
  • Support Advocacy for Pension Reform and Reducing Workers Compensation Costs
  • Continue Next Steps for Downtown /Central Brea Proactive Planning
  • Prepare to Support the Changing Needs and Interest of a Significant Increase in our Senior Population
  • Determine Future Services Needs and Funding
         a. Police Department
         b. Fire Department
         c. Public Works
  • Continue Master Planning Needs for Parks, Recreation, and Human Services and Cultural Arts
         a. Continue Engagement of the Community, the Commissions, and the City Council to Complete Master
         Planning Efforts for Both Parks, Recreation, and Human Services and Cultural Arts
  • Continue Development of the Tracks at Brea Trail
         a. Facilitate the Tracks' Western Extension Towards La Habra
         b. Explore Options for Further Trail Enhancements:
              i. Lighting
              ii. Walkway Connections
              iii. Security Cameras
  • Renegotiate Refuse Franchise Agreement with Republic Industries
  • Create a Balanced City Budget (Ongoing)
  • Complete the Transfer of Chevron Property (Birch Hills Golf Course) to the City
  • Complete Discussion with County Regarding State Permit for Olinda-Alpha Landfill
  • Explore and Consider Reclaimed Water Projects
  • Evaluate Emergency Medical Transport
  • Assess Traffic Impacts of New Development and Efficiencies for the Existing Circulation System
  • Continue to Further Brea/Fullerton Fire Department Partnerships
  • Continue Regional Partnerships with Other Agencies
  • Implement Methods to Improve Employee Relations, Retention, Attraction, and Investment