First Things First

Check Zoning

Before you sign the lease, purchase a piece of property, or begin the development process, first be sure to determine the approved uses (zoning) for the site. This is easy to do by contacting the Community Development Department's Planning Division. In order to preserve the characteristics unique to Brea, land uses are restricted in certain areas within the city limits. Checking in advance will prevent you from entering a lease or mortgage for a site that is not zoned for your intended use.

Screen Check

If your project is particularly complex or potential concerns have been identified, a planner may suggest Brea’s Screen Check process. Screen Check is a free, unique service designed to facilitate the coordination of various required city approvals. At the Screen Check appointment, a team of technical staff members will give you an overview of the specific city requirements relating to your project. By helping you understand these requirements before you invest in architectural and engineering services, Screen Check can save you a significant amount of time and money. Screen Check meetings are held twice each month. Contact the Planning Division at 714-990-7674 for more information.

Talk With a Planner

The Community Development Department staff is committed to helping you make your project a success. It is a good idea to talk with a planner as soon as you begin this process, even before you complete the application. That way, he or she can make sure you get off to a good start by reviewing your application and providing any additional forms that may be required.