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Introducing the 2023-2024 Amplify lineup!

Happily Ever After: One Woman's Journey to Find True Love
5 Foot Nothing Arts People Web Pic
Lemur Mom: One Mother's Adventures in Autism
Mr. Soul: The Sam Cooke Story

Curtis Theatre is proud to present Amplify - an initiative to address the inequality in performing arts programming. This program aims to provide a platform and outlet for performing artists of all kinds while broadening the inclusivity and outreach of the Curtis Theatre to a diverse artistic community.

The need for the country’s theatres to address systemic prejudice in the entertainment industry is very real, and long overdue. The Curtis Theatre has long strived for inclusivity. It is clear to us that passive inclusivity is not enough. There needs to be active efforts to establish ways for minority artists to be seen and heard. The Curtis Theatre is dedicated to doing its part, and fulfilling our mission of connecting our diverse community through the performingarts by offering its stage, staff, and other resources to artists of underserved communities. 

Submissions for Amplify 23-24 are currently closed. To be informed about future opportunities and performances,  join our email list and follow Curtis Theatre on social media.