Recycling Tips

Tips for Successful Recycling

  1. Recyclables should be EMPTY, CLEAN, AND DRY. A quick rinse and air dry before dropping them in your recycling avoids contaminating an entire truck load of recycling with leftover materials. Watch this video for tips: Empty. Clean. Dry.
  2. Do NOT bag recyclables; leave them loose. You can drop them directly in your recycling bin once they are EMPTY, CLEAN, AND DRY.
  3. Almost anything that grows can be composed or placed in the brown yard waste bin. Palm fronds or stringy plants must go in the black trash bin (they can’t be recycled since they get caught in the machinery).
  4. Do NOT put electronics, bulky, or hazardous materials into the black bin.

View the City's Winter 2023 Recycling Guide for more information.

Recycling Centers

Beverage containers can also be redeemed at recycling centers. Find a recycling center near you:


Composting is good for the environment and good for your pocketbook. Compost enriches the soil, helps retain water, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers; among other benefits. The City of Brea holds an annual compost giveaway in the winter/spring. The next event will be held in 2023.