Affordable Housing Ordinance 

The City of Brea recently updated its Affordable Housing Ordinance in 2023, which requires new residential development projects of 10 or more units to designate at least 5% to 30% of the units as affordable.  The purpose of the Affordable Housing Ordinance is to expand the affordable housing stock in proportion with the overall increase in residential units by establishing standards and procedures that encourage the development of extremely low to moderate-income housing and to assist in meeting the City's regional share of housing needs and implementing the goals and objectives of the General Plan, including the Housing Element and any applicable specific plans.  Below are links to the City's Affordable Housing Ordinance and Affordable Housing Guidelines.

Adopted Affordable Housing Regulations

Adopted Affordable Housing Guidelines

Affordable Housing Guide

To increase opportunities for affordable housing in the City of Brea, an Affordable Housing Guide was created for the development community to serve as a directory for developers interested in creating affordable housing.  From Accessory Dwelling Units to Density Bonuses, the benefits of each housing incentive and opportunity is outlined, as well as the City's development flow chart.  Below is a link to the Affordable Housing Guide.

Affordable Housing Guide