ICC Information Technology Use


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the proper use of department information technology resources, including computers, electronic devices, hardware, software and systems.


Definitions related to this policy include:

Computer system - All computers (on-site and portable), electronic devices, hardware, software, and resources owned, leased, rented or licensed by the Brea Police Department that are provided for official use by its members. This includes all access to, and use of, Internet Service Providers (ISP) or other service providers provided by or through the Department or department funding. 

Hardware - Includes, but is not limited to, computers, computer terminals, network equipment, electronic devices, telephones, including cellular and satellite, pagers, modems or any other tangible computer device generally understood to comprise hardware.

Software - Includes, but is not limited to, all computer programs, systems and applications, including shareware. This does not include files created by the individual user. Temporary file, permanent file or file - Any electronic document, information or data residing or located, in whole or in part, on the system including, but not limited to, spreadsheets, calendar entries, appointments, tasks, notes, letters, reports, messages, photographs or videos.