Coed Softball League

Next Season

Check out the registration packet below for the next season if you are interested in joining the following season to learn about how our league operates. Standings will be put out weekly with each team’s win-loss record. Teams will have until the beginning of the fourth game to make roster changes. Any questions or comments should be directed to Adult Sports at (714) 990-7171.

How to Register

Current Schedules

American League -  Week 7

1Nooky Knights511
2One Bad Inning520
3Smash Bandicoot421
4Slap & Triple241
5No Glove No Love250
6Pitch Please151


No Glove No Love 13 vs. One Bad Inning 16

Pitch Please 24 vs. Nooky Knights 24

Smash Bandicoot 16 vs. Slap & Triple 16

National League - Week 7

1Empire Strikes Out610
2Pickle Pals421
3Balls of Fury331
3Too Eazy331
5Chicken Nuggets340


Chicken Nuggets 13 vs. Pickle Pals 14

ESO 20 vs. Angels 9

Too Eazy 14 vs. Balls of Fury 14