Coed Volleyball League

Current and Next Season Info

The 2022 Spring Coed volleyball season began on March 1. Registration for the next season will begin for new teams on May 4. The Summer season is scheduled to start May 17. If you are interested in future seasons, please see the current registration packet below for details. Dates and the registration packet for next season will be available halfway through the current season. For more information about the next season or if you have any questions/comments please contact the Adult Sports Specialist at 714-990-7171.

Spring Season Schedule

Summer Season Standings

GOLD Division - Week 6

1Sweaty Aces44
2Smack That38
3Big Dig Energy34
4Kick Aces28

SILVER Division - Week 6

1Smoking Kills42
3Sets On The Beach36
5Mikasa Es Tu Casa32
6Wrecking Ball28

BRONZE Division - Week 6

1Calm Yo Tips46
1Secretly Adequate46
4Diggin It30
5Hit Happens28