Brea Sets Conservation Goal; Water Ordinance Sets Guidelines for Use

We're all in it together! In August 2016, the City set a Water Conservation Goal of 15% to optimize supplies and moderate costs as California endures ongoing drought.

For many years, the City of Brea has been mindful of the limits of supply and the responsibility to properly manage water as an essential resource. New habits have resulted in significant savings as Brea businesses and residents adopted a conservation mindset that will serve them well for years to come. Guidelines contained in a 2009 ordinance have proven to be important in responding to record drought patterns that have since emerged. Currently, Phase 1 is in effect.

Orange County has been a leader in water issues. Learn more about what is being done regionally in this PSA.
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Get Water Wasters to Adjust It

There should never be a spray of water onto pavement or into storm drains. Sprinklers might be set on a cycle that runs too long or too frequently. Or perhaps they are not adjusted properly. Sometimes a broken line jets out potable water that makes a mess and is wasteful of a precious resource. What should you do when you observe water waste?

If you can, please contact the property owner and tell them as soon as possible. They should appreciate your courteous notification that can help them save on utility costs. If you don't know who is responsible, please contact the City of Brea water division with the address and time that waste was observed. The property owner can be identified through billing records and city staff will make a contact and help guide them in making needed efficiency adjustments.

Brea's adopted water conservation ordinance includes important restrictions for everyone to follow. If you notice something out of compliance, it is appreciated that you either call the Public Works Department at 714-990-7691 or submit an online report. Please note the address along with the date/time water waste was observed so Public Works can follow up.

Be Smart About Toilets and Drains

Your toilet is not a trash can. Be smart about what not to flush down a toilet or drain. It's part of your responsibility to care for water quality. Plus, you just may be able to avoid a nasty clog or spill.

Ongoing Rebates

Save money and water by participating in rebate programs that may be applicable.