Brea PD Ride-A-Long Program

The Brea Police Department makes every effort to partner with members of our community so that we may work together to make Brea a safe and enjoyable place to live and work. In addition to general outreach at public events, the Department offers learning and volunteer opportunities. The Ride-Along Program exists to try to accomplish that goal. The program allows interested members of our community the opportunity to ride with one of our patrol officers during a portion of his or her regular duty.

Currently, the Ride-Along Program is open to: applicants for employment at the Brea Police Department; Recruits currently enrolled in a police academy; members of the Brea Police Citizen Academy; or other affiliates of the Brea Police Department only. Also, be aware that there is a required criminal record check that will be completed through the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. In addition, some screening criteria is used to determine how a ride-along may be relevant to your interests in law enforcement. Where it is not in the best interests of the applicant or the department, the application to ride-along will be denied. First, become familiar with the Ride-Along Info (PDF), then you can proceed to fill out the Ride-Along Application (PDF). You also must sign a waiver (PDF) prior to joining us on a ride.