The Patrol Division consists of uniformed police officers who have general law enforcement duties, including maintaining regular patrols and responding to calls for service. The city is organized into geographic areas, with uniformed officers assigned to patrol a specific area. While on patrol, officers attempt to become thoroughly familiar with their patrol area and remain alert for anything unusual. Patrol officers also respond to traffic collisions, road hazards, medical aids, and citizen assist requests.

The Brea Police Department's minimum field coverage consists of four officers, a field supervisor and a watch commander for each shift. There are currently 23 officers, 5 sergeants and 3 lieutenants assigned to patrol, which represents nearly 60% of our sworn officers. Brea patrol officers responded to over 16,000 calls, made 1,220 arrests, and completed over 4,000 police reports last year.   Patrol officers generally patrol the city in marked police cars, but sometimes will work on foot or on a police bicycle.

These men and women patrol our streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrol officers work a 3/12.5 schedule, which is three 12.5 hour shifts per week with one additional 10-hour day per month and spend many of their days off testifying in court, in training, or covering additional shifts to maintain patrol’s minimum staffing.