Allowable Discharges

Some activities that discharge pollutants are not regulated by federal, state, or local policies. These activities may be conducted using best management practices (BMPs) that prevent or reduce pollutants that may flow to creeks, channels, and the ocean.

Below is a list of the allowable discharges. These types of discharges may look and smell like potable water.

  • Air conditioning condensation discharge
  • De-chlorinated swimming pool discharge
  • Diverted stream flow discharge
  • Flows from riparian habitats and wetland discharge
  • Footing drain discharge
  • Fountain drain discharge
  • Individual residential car washing discharges
  • Irrigation water discharge (potable)
  • Lawn watering discharge
  • Rising ground water discharge
  • Uncontaminated ground water infiltration discharge
  • Uncontaminated pumped groundwater discharge
  • Water from crawl space pumps
  • Water line flushing