Hands on Brea

Help Us build a Community of Volunteers

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Throughout Brea and City Hall, volunteers contribute their diverse array of skills and experience to make a difference in their community. Hands On Brea is a volunteer program designed to link people with rewarding volunteer opportunities, as well as find volunteers when they are needed.

The program, by its design, will work by connecting volunteers to Brea organizations. All of the city’s special events, the Curtis Theatre, Brea Art Gallery and Brea Senior Center are just a few examples of programs always looking for volunteers to lend a hand. Students working on completing their community service hours to receive the Mayor’s Youth Community Service Award often need help connecting with organizations. Hands on Brea will now be the link for organizations and individuals.

To get Hands on Brea started, we are currently building a database of caring volunteers that want to help their community. If you are one of those, please contact us today and tell us about your skills, interest and experience.

City Volunteer Opportunities - The City of Brea uses volunteers for a number of its programs. Some people sign up to help with one-day special events and others may commit to a regular, long-term assignment.

Mayor's Youth Community Service Award - Established in 1997, this award program recognizes high school students, who reside in Brea, for their volunteer work.

Volunteering in the Community - There are a number of non-profit agencies in Brea, and the surrounding area, that serve a variety of interests and needs. These groups seek on-going volunteer help. You will find them listed along with their phone numbers. Please call them directly to volunteer.