Area Commanders

  1. Lieutenant Christopher Haddad
  2. Lieutenant Tony Barbosa

Lieutenant Chris Haddad is a highly respected and dedicated law enforcement officer who has worked for the Brea Police Department for the past twenty years. He is a second-generation Brea police officer - his father worked for the Brea Police Department during the late 1980's up until the mid-2000's.

Driven by a desire to expand his skillset and contribute even more to the field of law enforcement, Lieutenant Haddad pursued advanced training and education. In addition to being a Brea Olinda High School graduate, Lieutenant Haddad holds a Bachelor's in science from Union University, and holds a Master's in science in Criminal Justice from California Coast University.

In his current role as a police lieutenant, Chris oversees the Traffic division within the department, in addition to Patrol. He works closely with his team to implement effective strategies to address crime and assists with community outreach. He is an advocate for innovate approaches to policing, emphasizing the value of collaboration, communication, and proactive engagement.

Past Assignments

  • Patrol Officer
  • Traffic Officer
  • HSI Task Force Officer
  • Patrol Corporal
  • Patrol Sergeant
  • Detective Sergeant
  • CSU Sergeant
  • Patrol Lieutenant