Discover Your Better With TRX

Results-driven, small group training will push you to higher levels. Get stronger, lose weight and overcome training plateaus.  provides motivation and accountability. Provides motivation and accountability.  Similar to a personal training experience without the high cost.  A great supplement to your current program.  


5 Sessions:  $59 (resident)/ $64 (non-resident)

10 Sessions: $118 (resident)/ $123 (non-resident)

15 Sessions: $159 (resident)/ $164 (non-resident)

20 Sessions: $199(resident)/ $204 (non-resident)

Drop-in: $15 (resident) / $17 (non-resident)

Exclusive Team Trainings available upon request for groups of 4-8 people.

Spaces are limited. For more information or to register, call 714-990-7110 or email us here.  Proof of Brea residency (work, live, school) required to qualify for resident rate. 

Melissa TRX

Team Training Classes

Days Time Instructor
Monday 6:30 pm DJ
Wednesday 6:30 pm DJ