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Feb 17

Brea Police Department Organization Overview

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 1:41 p.m. by johnb johnb

As stated when this blog launched, it is intended to provide a transparent look at the operations of our department, the people who provide the fine work done every day, and stories of interest to the members of the Brea community. While most posts will be specific in nature to provide as close a look as possible, it may be beneficial to familiarize readers with the structure of the department.

The Brea Police Department consists of slightly over 100 full and part-time employees providing comprehensive services within three divisions. The largest division is the Uniform Division. This division is responsible for delivering front-line, emergency services, including Patrol, Crime Suppression, Traffic, Dispatch, SWAT, School Resource, and Downtown Liaison. Of the 60 police officers of Brea PD, 32 are assigned to Patrol and Crime Suppression duties, including Watch Commanders and field supervisors. An additional six are assigned to Traffic enforcement duties there is one officer each in School Resource and Downtown Liaison. So, two-thirds of the police officer resources in Brea are assigned to front-line, uniformed duties, including response to emergency situations. This level of commitment of resources demonstrates the importance placed on these duties. Eleven Dispatchers plus a Communications Supervisor provide 24/7 police dispatching services and are responsible for answering all 9-1-1 calls initiated in Brea.

The Investigation Division includes Detectives, Records, and Property/Evidence. Brea documented over 2,200 crime reports in 2014. Those reports have to be processed by Records and reviewed and investigated by Detectives. Many of those reports generate pieces of evidence which have to be catalogued and maintained by our Evidence unit. This is in addition to thousands of traffic citations and other types of paperwork and data that must be processed and tracked.

Finally, the Administration Division consists of the office of the Chief of Police, Professional Standards, Emergency Preparedness, and department Training coordination. Professional Standards handles all internal investigations of alleged misconduct and is responsible for press information. Also, all of our recruiting efforts are coordinated in Professional Standards. Our Emergency Preparedness Coordinator is responsible for the ongoing training and preparedness of City employees and community members for response to natural disasters and other major incidents. The Training Coordinator ensures that all department members are trained to state and department required levels.

Hopefully, this brief description of our organization provides some context for future discussions on specific operations of our various units and work groups.


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