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Jul 02

Brea Police Department Traffic Unit

Posted on July 2, 2015 at 10:02 a.m. by johnb johnb

While the City of Brea’s residential population is slightly over 40,000, the estimated daytime population, particularly during any given weekday, ranges from 90,000-over 100,000. This is due to the high volume of employment in Brea and Brea’s status as a destination city for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Those numbers do not include pass-through traffic in Brea due to the 57 freeway, Imperial Highway, Lambert Road, and Carbon Canyon Road.
What this all means is a high volume of traffic throughout the City.

As most Brea residents and many visitors know, traffic in Brea can sometimes be very heavy, especially in certain locations. Throughout my career as a Brea police officer, whenever I have spoken with residents or even seen occasional public polls, traffic is always a top concern. A typical year in Brea sees approximately 1,000 reported traffic collisions on Brea roadways. During 2014, Brea Police Officers issued nearly 2,300 traffic citations.

The Brea Police Department staffs a group of police officers and civilian employees specifically focused on traffic issues, from enforcement to collision investigation to education. The Traffic Unit consists of a Police Sergeant, a Police Corporal, and three Police Officers, all of whom ride marked police motorcycles. A fourth Police Officer is dedicated to commercial vehicle enforcement, particularly around the landfill. Also, four part-time, civilian Parking Control Officers are responsible for enforcement of parking restrictions around the City, including street sweeping and timed parking areas in and around Brea’s Downtown.

The Police Officers of the Traffic Unit are scheduled to work during times of peak traffic, including morning and afternoon rush hours. With a primary mission of the unit being the reduction of traffic collisions, unit members are deployed strategically to intersections or street segments in which the collision rate is statistically the highest. They focus enforcement efforts on violations which are most likely to cause collisions, including red light violations, unsafe speed, unsafe turning movements, and distracted driving (cell phone use, etc). Traffic Unit officers also respond to and investigate traffic collisions, assist Patrol Officers on calls for service, and provide selective enforcement in areas that have generated traffic complaints from residents or businesses.

Throughout the school year, traffic officers provide special attention in school zones. Each officer is assigned to one or more schools to monitor traffic, assist school personnel with traffic flow concerns, and educate parents and other motorists about school zone caution. The Traffic Unit also works closely with the City’s Traffic Engineer and City Council Traffic Committee on identifying and addressing areas of traffic concern around the City of Brea.

If you have any questions about traffic enforcement in Brea, or would like to request specific attention to a traffic issue in your neighborhood, please contact Traffic Sergeant Tim Mercado at



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