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Sep 10

Police Records Unit

Posted on September 10, 2015 at 8:57 a.m. by johnb johnb

The Brea Police Department Records Unit is comprised of hard-working, but often under-appreciated, civilian members of the department. Through police reports, citations, and criminal record searches, among many other functions, the department generates thousands of pieces of data every year. Those records and data must be received, processed, transmitted, and stored, and must be done so in a meticulous manner to comply with federal and state law, and to simply make the data useful for operations. Although over time most of this work has transitioned from paper and pen to digital, it is nonetheless still a heavy workload and in some cases even more difficult to manage properly.

Most of this work is conducted by the members of the Records Unit. In 2014, Brea PD Records processed over 4,200 police reports, 11,000 citations, and responded to over 4,000 external requests for report copies and others services. And that is not the extent of the everyday workload. Records staff are also responsible for accurate crime stat reporting to the federal government, processing of burglar alarm permits and false alarm fines, subpoenas for records, and court order compliance. Records staff are highly trained in state and federal guidelines on the access, usage, and storage of electronic records, such as criminal history records and DMV information. The unit is subjected to periodic audits on their handling of such records, and has a spotless record (pardon the pun).

Records Unit personnel also staff the position of Court Liaison Officer at the North Justice Center. This position is responsible for liaising with clerical staff and members of the District Attorney’s office to ensure cases and charges are properly filed and to schedule officers for testimony when called. 

The Records Unit is currently staffed with a Records Supervisor, two Senior Records Technicians, and six Records Technicians. The current crew is a very veteran staff, with the least tenured member having over ten years of service. The fact that the Unit’s members stay for so long is a testament to the very positive working environment created by recently retired Supervisor, Marsha Dell, and carried on by new Supervisor, Mary Larkin. The Records staff take great pride in their work, and are committed to providing exceptional service, both internal and external. Their workload truly takes a team effort and their success demonstrates how well they work together. Our department is extremely proud of their service record and professionalism.



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