What are some other things I need to know when applying?

--In order for your application to receive the full consideration it deserves, it is very important that you fill out the online application completely, even if you choose to include a resume. Do not simply state "See Resume" when asked to describe your responsibilities and experience, as your resume will not be considered as qualifying. Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of information you provide on the application itself. Your resume will only be reviewed for clarification purposes. 

--Occasionally, a completed supplemental questionnaire will be required along with the employment application. The supplemental questionnaire focuses on the key responsibilities of the position for which you are applying, and allows you to elaborate on your previous experience in areas of particular relevance to the job. Make sure you fully complete this important addendum to the application. Even qualified applicants will not be considered for a position if they fail to submit the required supplemental questionnaire. 

--All online applications must be submitted prior to any position's closing deadline. Postmarks, emails, facsimiles and hand deliveries of applications or application materials cannot be accepted.

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